>check 1,2… is this thing on…?

>Hey guys,

Today marks my re-entry into the blog world. I’ve tried several times to keep a blog, and have failed many times. But this time will be different. I tend to edit myself when I write about how I feel in most of my entries. It’s scary to leave your feelings hanging around on a blog for everyone to read. You don’t know who’s reading it, who’s laughing at you, or who’s judging you. But in this same way, you also don’t know who is relating with you, laughing with you, or crying with you. I have an unhealthy need for people to like me, and I need to get over it. My stories aren’t for people to admire or be impressed by me. My stories will be for me to remember my life by, and for you to do whatever with it.
So in this blog, I am going to share all the little crazy, funny, sad, and mostly weird and awkward instances I go through in my day.
Hello blog, welcome to my life.

2 thoughts on “>check 1,2… is this thing on…?

  1. >HelloI can definitely relate to what you wrote. That's why I don't blog consistently and always end up privating my xanga entries. But we shall write as if our words will be made into movies. Bon voyage! (:

  2. Jessie says:

    >thats the only reason why I keep writing. so I can remember everything thats happened in my life! yayyy!

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