>my first taiwanese dish

>after four days of wandering the streets of taiwan, my longing for real, authentic hole-in-the-wall taiwanese food has finally been satiated! but before we get there, i’ll share some pictures about what we did during the day.

went to the tzu chi in banqiao. tzu chi is a buddhist organization that helps the needy. the place looked ginormous. huge ceilings, giant auditorium, everything wood, and good vegetarian food (still doesn’t beat meat).

after that, we went to sogo. it’s a department store chain in taipei. pretty expensive there as well. again, couldn’t afford anything. but i bought candy!

finally night came, and our aunt took us out to eat. our first real, authentic hole-in-the-wall taiwanese meal was finally realized, in the form of taiwanese sausages and oyster noodle soup, in banqiao’s best. the place looked like dumpling house, if a bomb was dropped on it, with no windows. i loved it. i also loved how you just pay for the food once it arrives. lady brings taiwanese sausage, we pay 20 twd (~$.60), we eat. oyster noodle soup comes in, 75 twd (~$2.50), we eat. in and out. yumm. we then went to yet another vegetarian food place to eat more. i secretly wish all vegetarian restaurants in taiwan would burn down. it just shouldn’t be that we came to taiwan and have been eating healthy for up to 4 days.

roaming around in auditorium

angry birds


what’s wrong with this picture?

…guy or girl?

restaurant names literal translation: oil storage entrace

it’s the 53rd and 6th of Taiwan
vegetarian fried rice

and for the day’s f.i.t. (firsts in taiwan)

chicken sitting on a bar

in subway station

hungry dog
lady with bag on her head
weird mannequin


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