>at the market.


dog in minnie mouse outfit 

so anyway, we left the house at 2:30pm today. i didn’t really want to go, because brian decided to ditch me by sleeping, but i went to with my mom and aunt to the longshan temple area anyway. it was a very interesting area – streets bustling with vendor carts, wholesale women clothing, and mopeds.

it wasn’t until the clock hit 6pm that things got interesting. the night market opened up. the hwahsi night market spanned for several blocks length. it was an alley of restaurants, vendor carts, foot massage parlors, more vendor carts, and more restaurants. the definition of taiwan, in one street. i love it.

i’m exhausted, i’ll let my pictures do the talking. decided to take out my 50mm 1.4 prime lens today. boy do i miss the lightness of this lens, so much more luggable than my 24-70mm 2.8. All shots through the 50mm tonight.

saw a street performer at the longshan temple subway station 
guitar shop in the basement of longshan temple station
not exactly sure what kinda spa this is, they were doing something to ppls faces 
modernized temple 


cool green fur

cool sign in the middle of the street
night market begins.

it goes on. and on.

they sell snake soup!

my four course meal begins!

to go? no probrem!

whole thing costed me ~$5. jealous much?

snake man telling me no photos, before he kills the snake.
ice chopper, for preserving his sushi

what’s a night market without shiang-chang

dolce&gabbana men’s collection. really?
little boy got yelled at for tripping over parking lot railing
bubbletea < $1
xiao ding dong

3 thoughts on “>at the market.

  1. Grace says:

    >Bubble tea!!!! I want authentic bt!!!! I want to go to night market! ahhhh…ur making me really want to go back to Taiwan!

  2. >The night market looks super cool! I would love it too, but it looks like a frigid time. The L&F is so funny – not L&H&F but loveandhope & faith hahahahaha. Lastly, the take out bags do not look leak-proof in the long run! lol

  3. Brice says:

    >It's not as cold as New York, no matter what my aunt and mom wants to believe. It's like 55-60, humid. so maybe like 50? I just wore a denim jacket. wish i could bring you guys here! it would be so much fun'er!

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