>today has got to be the best day of the trip so far. we got to go shopping, without the mom and aunt (which is already a high in itself), saw an asian pop star, and bought asian music cd’s!

the day started off at 10:30am, when our cousin picked us up at our aunt’s apartment. from what i understand, he’s my dad’s brother’s son. he turned out to be a pretty cool guy. brian and i approve. even though he was in his late 30s, early 40s, with 2 kids (9 and 6), he knows his technology. he facebooked me! this guy definitely knows his way around ximending. he took us to all these really cool boutique clothing shops.

we started off going to a music store. I immediately proceeded to scour the new releases and top charts section, grabbing 2-3 cd’s at a time. by the time i was checking out, i had 5 albums in my hand. then as i passed by the counter, i saw a whole section devoted to big bang, and grabbed a taeyang album as well.

jj lin – she says
will pan – 808 
super junior – bonamana
4minute – diamond
taeyang – solar (international)
s.m. the ballad – (something in korean)

we then walked around, entering several stores. some stores turned out to be minimalls, with at least 5 more floors than i thought it could’ve held. visited a lot of cool boutique shops. if you visited elizabeth center in chinatown, just imagine that, with 5 floors full of boutique clothing shops.

pretty empty in the morning

yumm… lime jelly drink

fried fish soup

fried fish ball

modeling manhattan portage bags

she’s from hong kong. voice was kinda deep.


duck noodle soup


after a long day of shopping, window shopping, and eating, we decided to head to the movie theaters  to relax and watch the green hornet. little did we know, an asian pop star was doing an album signing. turns out wilber pan was celebrating the release of his “808” album, that recently came out earlier this month.

i ain’t gonna lie, the little girl in me wanted to line up for his autograph, but brian said no.

weird thing was, when he stretched out his hand, all the guys reached for it first

after heading back to the aunt’s apartment to drop off our finds of the day, we went right back out to another night market. the panchiao night market.

interesting statue at the creative artist market

it lights up in different patterns!

it lights up in different colors!

my total purchases of the day

visiting panchiao’s night market

grab your own veggies, name your meat, they sauté it for you

my sautéed veggies and beef

for only ~$1!

this pic is amazing, click to enlarge

artist responsible

saw a pile of dog clothing. as i moved closer, clothing started moving by itself! found these little guys hiding in them

bought a magazine, didn’t understand

churning em out daily



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