>@ tainan, home of seclusion

>this is day 1 in tainan. i don’t know if i can stay here any longer. there is no internet anywhere near grandpa’s house. we trekked for at least 30 minutes until we found an internet cafe and a shopping mall. the rates are awesome here, a little more than $1 for two hours + a drink! but what i would give to go back to taipei…

last night, my brother found a dead roach just lying around on his bed, so he slept in the living room. grandpa’s house smells terrible. like dog and mold.

didn’t get a chance to blog about wednesday, so here it is.


ever have so many things go wrong in a day that you just laugh? today was supposed to be our last shopping day with brian and the cousin, only. found out that morning my mom and aunt were tagging along with us on our shopping day. was suddenly told in the subway we had to wait 30 minutes to meet with our other aunt and that our guy cousin wasn’t going to show up till 3ish. arrived at taipei main station to sit around for another 20 minutes since our aunt hasn’t showed up. next few minutes, while holding on to all of mom’s bags/coat, i hear the sound of water hitting against the floor. i turn around to find a kid next to me throwing up. it was then that i started laughing.

after meeting the aunt and exchanging greetings/gifts/farewell, we’re told we’re heading to the flora expo. somehow, our day of shopping was transformed to a field trip to watch flowers. our aunt assured us that even though we were going to a flora expo, we weren’t going to just see flowers. when we got there, we stood in a line to enter “the dome”. the line stretched and looped and went on and on. finally, we entered “the dome” and lo and behold, flowers galore. there were green flowers, grass, green flowers, more grass. they all looked the effing same. not even 2 minutes into the dome, brian and i just looked at each other. yo, i’m out. i’m going to the city. text me. with that, brian left me to walk the whole dome with my aunt, because my mom decided to walk ahead and disappear.

the whole time: “look, oranges. take a picture! look, corn! take a picture! ming chiang, shi gwa! jao pian!” oh em gee, somebody please stone her, as i took a picture of potatoes.

we finally left the dome. oh great, where’s mom? she didn’t have her phone on, so aunt and i waited for 20 minutes by the entrance. after that, i said screw it, we left for simending. i guess it was better that way because if my mom did show up, i was pretty sure i was going to curse her out and storm into the subway myself. can’t believe both of them left me alone with aunt. you guys don’t understand, but our aunt is annoying as hell. and she also tells me things she thinks my mom is hiding from me, which is so stupid, like why would you tell me that? aunt, you’re an idiot. texted brian to try to find out where he is. i half already knew he wasn’t going to respond because he didn’t want to be with aunt either. but guess who we saw at the ximen station? what a prison break fail. brian had missed his stop by one station and had to take a train back, and that’s when we bumped into him. i couldn’t stop laughing. that’s what you get for ditching me!

things got better when our cousin finally arrived. we met in front of a kfc in simending. after switching brian’s pants that he bought a size too small, we went to a place called modern toilet. not sure who came up with this twisted idea, but here, you eat ice cream in the shape of crap, served in a toilet-shaped bowl, while sitting on a toilet!

after modern toilet, we decided to head home to take a nap before heading out again to visit the 24-hour Core Pacific City Mall.

our cousin picked us up at 8:30pm and we headed for the 24-hour core pacific city mall. drive was about 30 minutes. we talked about new york, and that if he comes to visit, we’re going to take him shopping and to eat pizza, steak, and cheeseburgers. he asked if i missed all those foods i named. i prolly did, either that or every version of those foods i’ve tried in taiwan were terrible. i also learned that past 11pm in certain areas, cops would stop every driver and put them through a breathalyzer. i wondered if that would cause traffic. whne we got there, we quickly parked and went inside. 24-hour fail. 10 minutes into it: attention, the mall will be closing in 10 minutes. it was 9:30pm. but we weren’t going home just yet. our cousin searched up a live band venue on his iphone and we headed for it right away.

EZ5 is a pretty intimate venue. we walked in to dimmed lights and the sound of some native american-looking dude attempting an 80’s sounding english tune. the overall mood was chill. demographic seemed to be late 20s. there were about 15 small roundtables scattered around the room, all facing one corner where the band performed. tickets were about $20 each person, which came with a voucher for a drink and appetizer. we were seated fairly close to the band and was greeted by a waitress. she was pretty cute. 3 pictures into it, i got a “sorry, no photos allowed.”

is that a he or a she? brian quizzically asked while reaching for a fry. beats me. it’s a he, cousin replied. i’m grateful we were 15 minutes late to the vnue. we had to endure 45 minutes of this opener’s weird 80’s hair metal-sounding tunes. the next performers were much better. i was in the bathroom washing my hands when i got excited hearing the first song. it was “lucky” by jason mraz and colbie caillat. i had to give props to this duo, their english was spot on. i enjoyed their set the most. when they weren’t covering songs from “rent” or chinese love duets, they engaged the audience with funny jokes and anecdotes. by the time the 3rd performer came on, it was already 12:45am and we were finishing up our 2nd set of fries. the last performer looked more like he was ready to do some jumping jacks than sing. he had a long ponytail, glasses and goatee. he wore a tight, black nike underarmour-type tee and dark blue sweat pants. it was only when the midi brass came on that we guessed jazz. Tommy had a louis armstrong kinda sound – the way he sings his phrases in a raspy, teethy way. i think we would’ve appreciated it more if it wasnt so late and we werent so tired. we left and called it a night at 1am.

pics to follow when i have access to internet on my own computer.


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