>make-up blog from taiwan 1/29/11

>sorry, i’ve been too busy loathing tainan and didn’t get a chance to post some pictures up.


this morning, brian decided he wasn’t going to join the family on a sightseeing trip. i don’t blame him, but i hate him for leaving me to suffer on my own. we went to see some monuments of something about taiwan. but before we embarked on that journey, we stopped by a local bean jelly shop to get some doh hua. it kinda tasted like nothing. a sweet nothing.

so the story behind this is… that this dude protected our country from dutch ppl, and now he has a statue for himself. something like that.

aunt (mom’s sister, not the annoying one), grandpa, mom

took this pic so i could zoom in and see what was on the menu

after visiting the old castle, my aunt dropped me off at the shopping district to meet up with brian. after meeting at the mall, we realized we were out of taiwanese cash, so we went to find the currency exchange booth at the mall nearby, only to get shut down because we didn’t have our passports on us. we went downstairs to the food court to choose from a myriad of delicious restaurants. it was awesome, the place had korean bbq, japanese ramen, sizzling meat platters, vietnamese, it goes on. we circled the entire court and before making our final decision.

food menu literacy fail
after mcdonalds, brian and i decided to go back to sparks, a boutique shop brian found earlier. what started as a journey to find the shopping district turned into a pilgrimage. i think i saw this place last time… we should be going the right way… we walked for at least 20 minutes, and i could’ve sworn we turned right 4 times. after wandering around in the dark, barely lit streets of tainan, we finally found sparks. it must’ve been as big as my room. jackets and pants hung on either side of the walls in a wardrobe-type thing, while sweaters were folded neatly into several drawers under the jackets. i liked the boutique feel. no two shirts were the same, so there wasn’t much categorization. i loved that. 
we have somewhat of a clue of where we are

saw this interesting ad on the way to sparks
i bought a pair of gray pants from sparks. i liked it because it had brown buttons attached to the pockets.
after shopping, it was 10pm and brian told me i should get a haircut. he agreed to wait for me as we walked into the nearest hair salon on the way home. found home, collapsed and slept the night away.

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