>rush hour

>had an interesting morning on my way to school today. it went a little like this.

oh crap its 9:30! i can’t believe my alarm didn’t go off! i have 15 minutes to leave to get to class on time! thirsty. go the kitchen to grab some apple juice. there aren’t any cups left. i pour juice into a bowl. then I trip my way into the bathroom. brians already up getting dressed. brush my teeth. pee. face is feeling oily. face wash. hair wax. dammit i have bed hair. The back of my head looks like it’s been ironed. its my first day, why didn’t I get up on time! my hair looks terrible! whatever, i’m going to be late. run back to my room. 9:47am. i should’ve been out 2 minutes ago. put on whatever clothing was laying around. leave the house. i need a metro card. monthly or regular? $2.25 x 6 days x 4 weeks = $72, I need to use it 8 more times to justify the monthly and holy crap its snow-raining outside. i’m walking on slushy. try to speed walk to the bus station, there’s no way i’m walking to 63rd drive subway station like i usually do. i have a quiz today. i didn’t even by the book. i didn’t even go to class! who gives quizzes on the second day of school? three buses follows each other and passes me by together. i walk to candy land to buy a metro card. decided to go with regular for now. you don’t have metro cards today? okay. cross the street to get change at the fruit market. the korean girl’s english surprised me. must be the cashier’s daughter. 9:52, bus hasn’t arrived. got into a car service that goes straight to 71st continental for 2 bucks. i gave him my 2 dollars in change I had received earlier. got off, speedwalked (spedwalked?) into subway station. good, still have money left in my metrocard. yes, train came right in time. would’ve preferred an E, but ill take the F. 10:14am. 31 minutes left to get to baruch. come on mta, let’s so what you can do. really shouldn’t have went to bed at 4:30

10:25am. hop off train to transfer. check phone for blackboard to see what i need for the first class. english literature, should have read pg 8 to 41. what the hell is monkey. check email to see if any classes are canceled. eco prof might be stuck at home. 10:30am, caught the 6 train. i might get there in time! what, first class is on the 12th floor? sigh. 10:40am. i wonder how my hair looks. 10:43am, getting off my stop. wow mta, i’m so impressed right now.

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