>superbowl XLV

>time is 12pm. great, i only had 6 hours of sleep. went to wake the person responsible for my lack of rest. got to church in time to take part in half of communion. we only had half of jesus today.

today was also super bowl xlv, so a few of us went to dave and yi-ting’s house to hang out and watch commercials. the commercials are always extra funny during the super bowl. we can try to understand what’s going on when the football game starts, but who are we kidding? we really turn on the tv for the commercials. halftime performances are fun to watch too, with the exception of today’s. it was a relief to see usher take the stage after watching black eyed peas’s dragging performance.

i think there was a magical elf-chef hiding in dave and yi-ting’s kitchen. because every hour or so, a new plate of food was coming out. chips and dip. buffalo wings. lasagna. smoothies. pizza. almond cake. nonstop goodness. i have to catch me one of those guys.

from what i understand, the packers won. but the best thing that happened tonight was the doritos commercial.


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