Astorian Stigmata @ Arlene’s Grocery

>got a chance to shoot Astorian Stigmata through an assignment from my school newspaper. the show didn’t start until 11pm, so my good friend lester and i decided to watch another concert at the nearby Bowery Ballroom (pictures from that show will be up in another post).

we arrived at Arlene’s Grocery at around 10:50pm.

at the door:
“does this say you’re 21?”
“i don’t know how to read this stuff.”

we got to meet with dennis, the lead singer of the band to help us get on the guest-list. at first, there were some issues, and he was actually going to pay for me to get in. i never toured in a band before, but i know from other touring friends that they barely have enough to support themselves, let alone pay for others, so it was cool that he did what he did. as we were inside, dennis cleared it up with the ticket guy and i was able to get my money back.

here are some of my favorite shots of the night.

more pics can be seen on my flickr, just click the flickr pics above!

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