this morning’s dream

raf and i just left some kind of science convention/conference (i was smart in my dream) and was discussing who’s idea was going to get funded. we both agreed it was going to be the guy with the hottest assistant. not sure exactly where we were. the convention building must’ve been in the middle of nowhere, we already left the building and entered to open fields of green. other scientists and assistants were hanging  around. i saw an concrete overpass, so i walked up. (not sure where raf was anymore, i think he left my dream). on the over pass were a few people, and tiger cubs (wth?). a stream of clear water ran down like a red carpet off an opening. i was walking down the overpass when suddenly a tiger cub roared at me! i was startled and almost fell off the overpass through the infinity stream. and as if to subdue the cub, a young lady assistant blew at it with a blowdryer (don’t judge my dreams). i was a little confused, but i walked on. on the way, i high-fived a tiger cub. and the rest was a blur.


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