>out of the tub

>my mind’s been drawing blanks these past few days on what to blog about. i need something to get my juices going again. i was actually thinking about that when i was showering the other night. matter of fact, i do most of my thinking in the tub. who knows how long i spend in there sometimes. i figured the reason i’m hitting a creative block is because of how comfortable i’m starting to become again in my life. the last unsettling situation i was placed in was last month when i was in taiwan. i was forced to wander around and speak a second language i had nearly forgotten. but i can say that i was more confident about myself coming back to new york. but nowadays, i feel myself slipping back to fit my comfortable, uninspired mold. slowly but surely.

i need to do something. maybe i should organize a bike tour around the city. or learn to juggle. or camp out in the woods for a few days. whatever it is, i need to take my ideas out of the tub.


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