Reformed Church of Newtown Wedding: Jenn+Paul

“one day the beautiful princess asked her handsome prince, “my dear price, have you ever thought of marry a princess from the lands that you have traveled?”

“don’t ask me about marriage,” the prince replied, “for it has been enchanted by the three evil kings from the seven lands of the north that i shall never marry!”
jennifer and paul had a fairytale kind of way to how they got together. if only you knew how accurate the parallels were, you’d also think they are one of the funniest couples you’ve ever met.
“only 54 days until the wedding,” i remember her saying as the office commented on her exactitude. “what, it says so on our wedding website!”
well today was the day the counter reached 0 days. she sat anxiously in front of the mirror as her hair was being curled. today was the day she’d been waiting for.
she had a one of a kind wedding. a wedding filled with love. love from all her friends that came together to plan, decorate and bring to life this big day. throughout the day, friends and family roasted and toasted the newlyweds, but everyone agreed on one thing: they were perfect for each other.
jenn and paul… thanks for letting me snap some shots of your big day. this is a wedding i looked forward to. enjoy your week together exploring the great NYC!

and Mary’s just here cause she’s really cute.

you can find more pics up in facebook/flickr soon.

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3 thoughts on “Reformed Church of Newtown Wedding: Jenn+Paul

  1. dandy says:

    >These pictures look really nice. What church is this in Newtown?

  2. Brice says:

    >Thanks for the compliments, dandy! This is the Reformed Church of Newtown, in Elmhurst, NY haha. The area used to be called Newtown, till they changed it to Elmhurst, hence the name.

  3. Allen says:

    what a beautiful story and pictures!!!, wish i was there…=*(

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