>Happy Birthday Maggie!

>The place was dimly lit. Scattered tables of couples – their faces illuminated by a candle light that sat on their tables. Chit chat filled the air as a bunch of us waited for a special guest to arrive.

“Shhh! She’s coming!”
They slowly led somebody in blindfolds into the restaurant. She lifts the blindfold away from her eyes. 
“SURPRISE!!” we cried.
Today was Maggie’s 21st birthday. Jessie organized a dinner gathering for her at a nice little thai restaurant in Elmhurst called, “Spicy Shallots” and invited a group of us to enjoy the night with her. She wasted no time starting the conversations. “Let’s play Maggie’s question game!” The idea was that one person asks a question and each person at the table must answer. The first question was how we all first met Maggie. Answers ranged from little girls, to something with elmer’s glue, to anime club, and everything in between. With the help of some happy juice, the night was spent in constant laughter and good times. Happy birthday, Maggie! Hope you enjoyed your 21st birthday!
I wish I brought my camera. This is one of those days I really wished I had a point-and-shoot. But I’ll find some pics to post hopefully soon as my friends upload em.

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