>first photo pass granted.

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“When you arrive, you can let them know you’re on the house list and that will cover your entry. They’ll also give you a photo pass there.”
What was that? Did i read photo pass? I think i did. Yes, it’s right there on the email. I’m shooting legally baby!

And there it is, my first real concert where I can, with permission, shoot bands!
No one ever forgets their first photo pass opportunity, and this opportunity was made possible by Lauren Sachs of Big Machine Media. Thanks so much Lauren, this is such a big deal for me!
I will be shooting female Canadian rocker Melissa Auf der Maur next Thursday 3/3/11 at the Highline Ballroom
Come out and watch the show!

One thought on “>first photo pass granted.

  1. Jessie :) says:

    >Waaaahhhhh!! Congratulations!! 😀 happy for ya!

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