>Just an hour ago, I was checking out some awesome work from a professional photographer (Joey L.) about the same age as me. Now, part of me wants to toss my camera away and cry. This guy started his career at 17 years old. I’m like 4 years behind. Can the ground open up and swallow me whole now please?


2 thoughts on “>self-defeatism.

  1. Edward says:

    >lol. thats cool.well i dont think you should really compare yourself with others. its cool that the other person is a professional photographer, but like you just gotta keep doing it! lol.no need for the ground to consume you or anything, that would be crazy.you just gotta keep doing your craft with zeal and i think you are good.again, just keep working at it, and im sure you'll do fine. 😀

  2. Brice says:

    >Thanks for the encouragement Ed, I know I shouldn't compare.. I can only be reminded of "never….never……ever………ever." Hahaha.

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