operation asian conversion fail.

I could still recall my encounter with jehovah witnesses. It was right after I returned from my first christian retreat experience in herald gospel christian summer camp.

A twenty-something blond-haired caucasian man in a button down shows up at my door one day. I don’t know why this didnt occur to my 16 yr old self, like, whats this guy doing here…where did this guy come from…how’d he get my address…? I somehow figured into my brain he must be somebody those christian people from the retreat sent to follow up on me. He pulled out a booklet and started teaching me about adam and eve and original sin. He talked about how adam sinned and couldn’t repay the debt caused by sin, and there must be a perfect sacrifice, blah blah blah.  I remember it was also when I first saw a picture of jesus with short hair and that rocked my world. But I always thought he had long hair! After a 20 min talk by my front door, he hands me the booklet and tells me he’ll be back next week and will check to see if I studied it. Still kinda confused, I agree, taking the watchtower from his hands. I remember immediately telling my friend online that I just got home-churched. I had no idea what jehovah witnesses were. And my christian friend at the time either didn’t know or just didn’t tell me. I just thought, why go to church when church comes to me! The caucasian man proceeded to return for the next 2 – 3 weeks, accompanied sometimes either by an asian lady or another white guy.

I think it was after one time when I opened the door to some satanic-sounding industrial heavy metal blaring in the background that he decided not to come back to my door anymore. Whatev’s.

2 thoughts on “operation asian conversion fail.

  1. Edward says:

    >hahaha!!! how did you remember this?

  2. Brice says:

    >i don't know…i just did… i guess it's one of those first-encounter stories you just can't really forget. haha

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