Melissa Auf der Maur @ Highline Ballroom 3/3/11

>Okay, I remember Banana Republic. So I must be going to right way. One block down. Nope.

How one goes to the same venue 3 times and still manages to get lost 2 out of those 3 times is mystifying.

Tonight I was going to be shooting Melissa Auf der Maur’s show at Highline Ballroom. Thanks to Lauren Sachs at Big Machine Media, this was gonna be my first photo opportunity with a real photo pass so I was really excited.

Met up with Joe, who was going to review the show for Pretty cool guy. Turns out he is in the same history class as me! 3 seats away! Sad.

Got into the venue, circulated flatulence-scented air in my body, and after an hour and a half, came up with some photos:

The Shining Twins

Leah Siegel

Melissa Auf der Maur

I call this last shot, “Not Enough Space” Because right before he went into the solo, my SD card had Not Enough Space. I have since learned my lesson not be lazy and not buy another memory card when my second one broke. SD card’s on it’s way from eBay land now.

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