>what the hell’s a jam nut?

>I’m about halfway done with gathering supplies for making myself a beauty dish, modelled after Todd and Chris Owyoung‘s Chinatown Special DIY Beauty Dish. I’ve been following these two people’s blogs for a while now and I have to say, they are the best in what they do. If you are into concert photography, be sure to check out their blog/sites. I’ve learned a great deal from their tutorials/open teaching policy. Not many people are willing to reveal their “secrets” like they do. Go fellow asian people!

Anyhoo, without any power tools or existing supplies to begin with, this is definitely going to cost more than if I just bought a pre-made beauty dish. But what’s the fun in buying one if you can make one yourself and call it your own? But the scariest part? Walking into Home Depot. If you walk into a Home Depot, there’s two options for you: you either know what you’re looking for, or know what it looks like that you’re looking for. For my friend and me? Neither. This was going to be the first time we bought any kind of screws, bolts, nuts, stuff.

“A 1/4″ dash what and what?”
“A jam nut? What the hell are you jamming?”
“I can’t find no jam nuts! All I see are hex nuts!”
“Where are the washers? I don’t see any washers!”
“How do we pay for these…these loose washers have no price tags”
“I think it’s all free, you can just take em.”
“I don’t think so….it says they are 10 cents each…”

Then the lady at the cashier made my friend open a Home Depot card. There was no way she was going to take a no for an answer.

“Will you be using a home depot card?
“No, I’ll be using my credit card”
“Do you have a home depot card?”
“Would you like to open one up? You get 10% off your entire purchase if you are approved. It’d only take 5 minutes.”
“Um…No, it’s okay.”
“Are you sure?”
“Are you sure? It’d only take 5 minutes of your time, and you save 10%.”
“It’ll be really quick.”

My friend purchased all the following supplies for me.

1x masking tape
1x white spray can, flat
1x black spray can, flat
1x 150 sandpaper
1x 320 sandpaper

3x hex nuts
3x cap nuts
3x 1/4″ washers
1x 1/4″- 20 x 3″ round machine head screws (came in pack of 3 screws + 3 hex nuts)
1x #4 – 40 x 1/2″ round machine head screws (came in pack of 8 screws + 8 hex nuts)

Whole thing costed about $35 (with the 10% off discount thanks to the home depot card of course ;])

Now….All I need left is…

mixing bowl

pizza tray


metal cutter

and… minwax polycrylic protective finish spray.

I’ve been excited about this project for a long time now. Can’t believe I’m actually going to go ahead and do this! Hopefully I can complete this beauty dish before the summer arrives, just so I can get a chance to play around with it. I’ve never built anything from scratch, cut metal, or even talk hardware before. Thanks to the Broyoungs, I know what a jam nut is. Never will I tread the floors of Home Depot in fear and self-consciousness again.


3 thoughts on “>what the hell’s a jam nut?

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