Arriving at Miami, Florida.

Car service picked us up from Lester’s house at 3:30am. Pat’s flight left at 6:00am while mine and lester’s was at 7:30am, but we eventually met up at baggage claim around 12:00pm. Man the weather is awesome here! A bit humid, but cannot argue about the warmth of walking in t-shirt and shorts. Arrived at the Mandarin Oriental located on an island shortly after. Walked around the facilities, checked out the spa, gym and outdoor pool. Seems like everyone in Florida jogs. From the moment we arrived til the time we finished dinner at Cafe Sambal, we saw a nonstop flow of joggers every 5-10 minutes. No wonder Floridian(?) people look so good. Under the hotel are two top notch restaurants: Azul and Cafe Sambal. Azul was out of the question because none of us had any sneaker/shoes. Cafe Sambal had such an eclectic mix of influences in their dishes. They served stuff from sushi to duck quesadillas to fried calamari. Loved everything we ate! I think that concludes most of the highlights of today. Interested in seeing some video clips of today’s events? You can find a videoblog put together by Lester at the end of this post.

Here are some pictures of the day!

at the lobby of the Mandarin Oriental

Edit: It’s 11:52pm and I just found out Lester ordered pizza. The night is not yet over…

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