Miami Day 2

Day 2 was a little more relaxed. Woke up and left our hotel room at 9:15 to get to a friendly church recommended by Eric Hodges for service. Really nice people. Sang some songs in Spanish that reminded me of Nicaragua. Found an authentic cuban restaurant called Casa Larios to eat at. Great sangria, amazing appetizers, and the best Argentinian steak I’ve ever had (not that I’ve had many, if I did, I’d imagine this would be the best.) Walked around in Sunset Place mall for a little to burn some calories, then set off to check out The Vizcaya Gardens. While we were in the car headed to a supermarket, we went through the heaviest rainstorm. Roads were flooding and we just couldn’t seem to get the water off the windshield. Ate at Joe’s Stone Crab House for dinner. During our hour wait for a table, we walked a few blocks to Miami Beach. As we got nearer, we could hear loud music pulsing from behind the wall. Apparently, they have a beach party there every Sunday. At Joe’s Stone Crab House, I had fried lobster tail. I’ve never heard of such a thing as a 13oz fried lobster tail! It was delicious! The key lime pie that followed was pretty amazing as well. Lester had grouper and Pat ate swordfish. Afterwards, we had to burn calories as well, so we hit the gym back at our hotel. That pretty much concluded the day. I wish I had more energy to spend more time on this post and fill in the details, but it’s 4:13am and I’m exhausted from today’s walking around. I hear tomorrow’s going to be another thunderstorm-y day, we’ll have to figure something out. Videoblog can be found below!

very sweet sangria.

walkin around sunset place

The Vizcaya Gardens

heavy storm while on the road

it’s like a see-thru illuminated motion-picture billboard!

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One thought on “Miami Day 2

  1. […] buffet in Flushing, NY) on steroids. Amazing steaks of all kinds. Scratch what I said in my second miami post, my favorite Argentinian skirt steak now belongs to Texas de Brazil. Don’t have too many […]

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