Day 4, Texas de Brazil.

Spent the first part of the day at South Beach again. This time we brought towels and swim trunks. Pat got an awesomely designed sunburn, courtesy of my bad back-sunscreen-spraying. We all got a little burnt somewhere. After the beach, we ate at a local cafe and drove towards Coral Gables. Less than halfway there, we discovered it was an hour trip, said screw it, and drove back to our hotel. We must’ve seen at least 3 Maserati’s and 5 Ferrari’s today. These things just show up like pigeons in New York City. Spotted 2 parked in a supermarket parking lot. We ended the night by going to Texas de Brazil. Man was this place good! We were first brought to our “waiting room,” which really was a bar lounge space, where we ordered Caipirinhas. This place was like Greenfield (a Brazilian buffet in Flushing, NY) on steroids. Amazing steaks of all kinds. Scratch what I said in my second miami post, my favorite Argentinian skirt steak now belongs to Texas de Brazil. Don’t have too many pictures today, I’ll make up for it in the coming days!

at the awesome-est waiting room/bar in Texas de Brazil.

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