Day 5 in Miami, Coral Castle + Las Olas

We woke up on our earliest day today: 10:17am. Got ready to leave for Coral Castle, but decided last minute to eat some sushi by our poolside bar for breakfast first.We drove for what seemed like at least an hour, making a pitstop at Krispy Kreme somewhere in the middle, because you just have to stop at a Krispy Kreme when you see one, it’s in the life rulebook.

We eventually arrived at Coral Castle. The story involves a man named Ed who built a castle out of coral rock for his ex-lover. He was rejected a day before marriage, and began building this crazy work of art singlehandedly without the use of any machinery in 1920. He finished it in 1940, chiseling and leveraging every chunk of coral stone dug up from the ground.

a child could’ve once pushed open this 9-ton rock gate. scientists have yet to explain how this Ed guy managed to find its center of balance and penetrate through the rock to create a gate.

After Coral Castle, we visited the Venetian Pool to find that it was just the local swimming pool with nice landscape view. Following the recommendation of our Texas de Brazil host, we drove to Las Olas in Fort Lauderdale to see what it was all about. We found a beach and decided to tan a bit there before going to eat dinner at Casablanca Cafe.

mahi mahi salmon

After dinner, we had huge margaritas in another cafe. It was huge! Two hands holding it didn’t cover the surface area of the cup. We then took a cab ride back to the place we parked our car (we parked far away thinking the beach was near). Hit the gym for 10 minutes, then jumped into the hot tub. Had a little prayer session, then headed back upstairs. I’m so exhausted my throat hurts. Ever get so tired or lacking of sleep that your throat starts to feel weird? I’m getting that right now. Off to bed I go, good night!

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One thought on “Day 5 in Miami, Coral Castle + Las Olas

  1. Jessie says:

    I am SO jealous of your amazing camera skills! ughhh! Looks like you guys are having so much funnn!

    Are those the only shoes you brought? haha

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