Day 6 in Miami, Everglades National Park

Random lady: “Ew there’s cheese doodles in the water.”
Lester: “Yea, who would do such a thing, thats disgusting.”
Random lady: “Thats gross.”

We spent the day at everglades national park. The park spans for miles and miles. Every turn was met with 8 more miles of open grassfields. It’s known for its numerous trails for biking, walking and even canoeing. We took the aniha trail – the one with the alligators. We spotted a few swimming in the pond and lester tried to feed them with cheetos.

After our trails, we drove to a fruit market called Robert Is Here. I dont know why it’s called that, I shouldve asked. But they had amazing fruit smoothies and milkshakes. Behind the market was an animal farm. There were parrots, birds, goats, an ostrich, turkey, chickens, and more. It was almost like they were preparing for a second noah’s ark.

Apparently, everything closes after 5:30pm in that area. We finally found a golf course that was open and played mini golf. Lester owned us both.

We had dinner at a japanese restaurant up in North Miami Beach called Hiro’s Yakko-San. The most unique dish we had was Fried Bok Choy. The idea sounded good, but I think we could all agree that it tasted like salty paper.

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