Day 7 in Miami, Jetski and Beach Polo

“I can see the fish! I can see the fish, guys! I haven’t seen the fish in such a long time!”

7pm in South Beach marks the first time Lester could see the fish tattoo on his left arm again. Apparently, tanning in the beach makes his knot better. But before the beach, we went jetskiing!

We went to a local Irish pub around South Beach for lunch. The cheeseburger and fries were so good!

We discovered a beach polo tournament when we got to the beach. I’ve never seen the sport before. It looked like they were playing soccer by hitting a shrunken volleyball with golfclubs while on horseback.

Pat and Lester watching the polo game

We ate dinner at a cuban cafe owned by Gloria Estefan and her husband called Bongos. It was a two-floor restaurant, with a dancefloor space for later in the night. After 10:00pm on Friday and Saturday nights, Bongos transforms into a nightclub pulsating with awesome remixes of today’s hottest music. What’s even cooler is that the outdoor lounge has a dj of its own spinning latin dance music. So while people were partying to Pitbull indoors, couples tango’d and cha-cha’d just outside.

You know a club is crazy when they have a circus swing above the dancefloor

Grilled shredded chicken and onion

We did more walking around the Bayside Marketplace after dinner. Enjoyed an outdoor concert of old cover songs.

Coolest dancing old man ever

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