Day 8 in Miami, Thriller Boat and Magic City Casino

Today marks our last full day in Miami. After 8 days of beach/food/being stupid, we are finally faced with the reality of having to go back to New York. I can already feel the weight of responsibility coming back to make my feet drag. We leave Sunday afternoon at 3:25pm. Sigh. Miami, thanks for being so warm to us, we will miss you and your beaches dearly. After breakfast today at the outdoor Oasis Cafe downstairs by pool, we caught a ride on the Thriller tour boat.

It was the fastest boat I’ve ever been on. After a short tour around a private island of mansions owned by the likes of Johnny Depp, Shaquille O’Neal, Sylvester Stalone, among others, the speedboat took a turn towards the ocean’s wilder waves and begun the full-throttle ride. Water hit my face like stinging bullets, but I had too much fun to care. Then after a short nap at South Beach, where they were holding the Beach Polo games again, we drove to Magic City Casino for our first gambling experience. I didn’t do too bad, I only lost $30. I counted that as win, and celebrated by eating ice cream.

“I did it first in Miami” list:

– had food delivered via room service

– ate fried bok choy

– saw how beach polo was played

– rode on a┬ájet-ski

– rode on a speedboat

– received top-notch, five-star hotel service (I could write a whole blog post about this, I’ll probably do it another time)

– ate in a restaurant that transforms into a nightclub after 10pm

– encountered five Rolls-Royce’s parked next to each other. (It was outside C-Lounge, an upscale bar and cigar lounge up in the North Miami Beach area – and on any given day, we saw at least three Ferrari’s and two Lamborghini’s)

– played slot machines

It’s been a great week here. Did everything I wanted to do and more. I wouldn’t have preferred any other way to spend my spring break.


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