Kollaboration Open Mic Night Japan Benefit Show

I first heard about Kollaboration last year when my friend Cate Song performed at their talent show event. I was just starting out in photography and was excited to shoot as many shows as I could but could never obtain a photo pass from anyone. When I finally got the green light from the Kollab publicist to shoot the show, I was ecstatic! The show included a myriad of talents ranging from dance crews to singer/songwriters to comedians. What makes Kollaboration such a big deal is its ability to provide mass exposure to young emerging asian artists. Some performers included David Choi, Far East Movement, Kina Grannis and Quest Crew. So when I got word that they were looking for volunteers to be a part of this years show, the answer was obviously yes.

Back in May, we kicked off the string of events with an open mic night having all proceeds going towards Japan relief. The National Underground was packed, performers were great, and we were able to raise $2000+ for Japan! Can’t wait for the actual event coming in September. Stay tuned for updates!

Jay Legaspi

Mitchell Grey




The Suzan

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