weird dreams.

i find myself trying to escape out of a building in my dreams a lot. big, dimly it, industrial buildings. flying down the stairs (there’s zero-gravity in my dreams, so i’m dragging myself by pulling by the railings) and throwing myself against big, heavy doors that always seem to swing inwards.

or squeezing through tight spaces and escaping just in time. always escaping. always trying to run away from something. i’ve ran away from murderers, hitmen, massive, man-eating insects, vampires, ugly witches and gangsters. i’ve escaped out of my apartment a few times, and other places i’m not too familiar with. in this morning’s dream, i’m pretty sure  i was a chinese harry potter (i had a wand, who else gets a wand?) running away from Lord Voldemort. my wand had a malfunction issue so i had to run away. not sure what happened in the end, but i remember getting my powers back and using it to magically change in and out of my clothes in a department store. i do the weirdest things in my dreams…

or maybe it was my mind sending me a subliminal message to watch the new harry potter movie that recently came out.

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