Haozhi Photoshoot

Yes! Finally got around to finishing the picture edits for last weeks shoot with my friend Haozhi AND updating this blog. I felt like I haven’t posted anything of substance on here in a while. Studying for finals have been hectic, but the suffering will end tomorrow! I should be studying for my database management final right now… but i had to get something up on the blog. These shots were all solely lit by the diy beauty dish with Haozhi standing in front of a whitespace in his living room. The background came out a little blueish, which looked kinda nice so I tried to keep it consistent with the rest of the pics.

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3 thoughts on “Haozhi Photoshoot

  1. iiamjelly says:

    WOW BRICE! Look at you! These are really great pictures of Haozherrr! Looks mad professional! haha. I didn’t even know you hung out with him!

  2. lptales says:

    we gotta set up something soon! i’m gonna be free the week of the 22nd, lmk!

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