Killer Kittens

I’ve shared that most of my dreams consists of alot of wrestling and running away from stuff. But this morning’s dream was a little much. It might stand somewhere on the top 5 of brice’s-weird-ass-dreams-of-all-time list. In this morning’s dream, I was wrestling and running away from angry assassin cats with rabies. They literally had angry faces on them.

It all began when I was in taiwan and was walking a girl back home. On the way there, stray cats started walking towards us. They didnt attack us, but I could tell something was up, by their angry faces. They had the look of death, stone cold death eyes.

All of a sudden, as soon as we got to her door, all the cats started sprinting towards us.
They came in all different sizes. some were big and fat so I picked them up and slammed them to the ground. Some were the size of cockroaches – they definitely weren’t kittens because kittens dont have a capacity for cold blooded murder. They were midget-assassin cats – so I stepped on them.

And I started running. I ran past an open grass field with the sun coming up on the right. when I walked the girl home, it was night time, so I mustve fought off the cats all night. And now that I think about it, this might make for a pretty cool picture: A man under the blue sky, jogging in an open grass field with the sun rising over the lake on his right, and a gang of angry assassin cats with rabies running behind him.

I tossed the two cats closest to me into the lake. The moment they fell in, I woke up. And my body was sore.

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