Kollaboration NY Music Video Shoot: Behind The Scenes

“This is it, I’m crossing over,” I thought as the F train passed York Street. This was my first time venturing out to Brooklyn. On public transportation. On my own. With a few thousand dollars worth of equipment…. in broad day light, but still. I’m always expecting to see gunslinging gangsters running wild around Brooklyn, so it was very surprising to come out and see such a nice area. In broad daylight, at least.

But it was for good reason that I went all the way out to Brooklyn, on public transportation, on my own, with a few thousand dollars worth of equipment. The Kollaboration NY promo music video was being filmed at the Serett Metalworks warehouse and I absolutely had to be there. It was my first time being at a music video shoot and I was really excited to see what the lighting, filming, and logistics of a music video shoot is like. Below are some behind-the-scene images of day 1. We had 5 KNY competitors coming in to film that day, so some people were up since 7am prepping. Official music video posted at the end of post!

When I arrived at 10am, they were already filming Wanted Ashiqz. They had an interesting style of dancing, taking bits of Bollywood and hip hop and creating something totally fresh. Turns out a majority of the crew goes to Baruch, my college!

All footage were filmed on two Canon 5D Mark II’s
little pep talk before next take

The next group to show up was the very talented Rooftop Pursuit. I was grumbling about my hour-long commute until they told me about their public transportation commute from Washington D.C. That’s commitment.

Christina Love Lee brought soul to the game.


Our epic producer, Jason Chang, showin em how it’s done. Why isn’t he in this year’s lineup again?

After hours of filming, Triangle Offense came in and brought the energy levels back up with their in-your-face punch and flow.

Caught a few shots of Mitchell Grey on day 2 of the shoot. Funny to learn Ryan lives in the same building as my friend Arthur. Small world!

Some portraits…

Executive Producer | Jason Chang

Co-Producers | Cat Chung and Gil Seok

Director / Director of Photography | Fred Lee

Second Camera | Andrew Park

Editors | Jason Chang and Fred Lee

Music produced/mixed/mastered by Woody Pak and Dustin Kim for Chaos Theory Music

Motion gFx and vFx | Kevin Tso

Production Crew | Jason Chang, Fred Lee, Andrew Park, Cat Chung, Gil Seok, Brice                                        Lin, Barry Jin, Jimmy Wong, Vivian Cheung

Stay tuned to Kollaboration NY’s facebook page for the full two-day behind the scenes footage.

And now…. the finished product! Be sure to get your tickets! It’s gonna be an awesome show at Irving Plaza, Sept 29!!

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