Kollaboration New York 6 Show @ Irving Plaza

Here’s a photo recap of what went down Thursday night at Irving Plaza.

Elijah Park started the show off and warmed the crowd with just his voice and an electric piano.

Rooftop Pursuit brought a good followup set playing alternative pop rock tunes.

Triangle Offense

Mitchell Grey

Cheryl Chin

Wanted Ashiqz brought the trophy home with a eclectic dance number encompassing all the artists that have influenced them in any way. Cameos included Beyonce, Michael Jackson, and the fist pump.

We had three amazing guest performers who rocked the Plaza after the competitors performed. As guest performers, they were allotted a longer set of about 20-30 minutes each, (versus the competitors 1 song limit each) which definitely allowed for more images.


Smokey Robotic

And last but not least, our very own emcee for the night…



Our hardworking directors and volunteers:

Props to director and associate directors Cat Chung, Jason Chang and JoAnna Chin(who stood offstage)

And the winners of Kollaboration NY 6 are…

Congrats to the hip hop/bollywood dance crew for putting on such an entertaining set!

You can find more pictures in the gallery. Video footage will be released as soon as I get a hold of some soon.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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