Rooftop Shoot with Thomas

Here are some images I took recently of a friend on top of my rooftop on a chilly December last month. At first, I was a bit nervous about going up to the roof.

Last time I went up there was when I was still in high school, on a Halloween night. After a night of randomly walking around the neighborhood, we decided to take the stairs up my to my rooftop. Even though the building was only six floors, it was tall enough to overlook rows of blocks of one-two story houses. Things were cool and we were enjoying the view until somebody thought it would be funny to chuck metal rods down from the 6-story apartment building. Within minutes, the janitor along with other people came up with flashlights and kicked us all out. I was so scared that I’d get in trouble that I jetted downstairs straight into my apartment. Now that I think about it, I totally ditched my friends and couldn’t remember where they went after. The very next day when I tried going up again, I found that they installed a trip alarm.

Wary of that trip alarm to this day, I decided to climb out my window onto the fire escape stairway to get to the roof. It was kinda awkward going up each floor, trying not to peek into the windows. I was really hoping nobody would be looking outside their window as I climbed the stairs. When I successfully reached the rooftop, I invited my friend Thomas to come up and do some shots.

These images were all shot around 3-4pm, right when the sun was about the set. It’s around that time when the light is really nice, but it doesn’t last very long. All the images were lit with a Westcott Apollo 28″ softbox with a 580EX ii speedlight except for the last image, which is just a bare speedlight.

Images were processed using Lightroom 3 and edited using Photoshop CS3.

Camera Used: Canon Rebel xSi

Lens Used: Canon 50mm 1.4

Westcott Apollo 28″ Softbox + 580EX ii Speedlight

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One thought on “Rooftop Shoot with Thomas

  1. iiamjelly says:

    waaaooooww awesome! I love the lighting! 😀

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